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About ITS Thailand

Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association or ITS Thailand was established on Febuary 25th, 2008 with the vision "Toward a better life with ITS".  We are the official member of ITS Asia Pacific and ITS World Congress.  Please join us to learn and share the ITS solutions for the country.

Digital Technology is an enabling factor in various domains including transportation.  The digital technologies that drive the smart transport are known as ITS or Intelligent Transport Systems.  Today the Internet of Vehicle, the Big data analytic of traffic flow, the GPS tracking, the variable traffic sign, the Connected car, the area traffic control, the Automated car, the road pricing with RF-ID, the Transit mobile app - these are considered as the ITS. 

Why? The ITS ultimated goals are to provide a road safety, high mobility (performance and comfortable) and greener transport.

How? The technology alone could not chage the mobility experience.  It requires Hardware (product, infrastructure and etc), Software (Standard, policy, regulation and etc) and Peopleware (user, developer and etc). The ITS Thailand core function is to orchestrate these components and harmonize them with the resources, the requirement and the culture in the country.

Who are we?

There exist ITS organization in each country like ITS Japan, ITS America, ITS Australia and etc. For Thailand, the Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association or ITS Thailand has been establish in February 25th, 2008. It is a community of academic, industrial and government person in the ITS value-chain with a common vision “toward a better life with ITS”.  

We are

  • Officially authorized organization to promote ITS in Thailand
  • One-stop knowledge center about ITS in Thailand
  • Interdisciplinary of Stakeholders (Transport, Automotive, IT, Computer, Electrical, etc.)
  • Access and Coordinate among many sectors (Government, Private, University, and etc.)
  • Place to develop strategic plan, technologies and to boost ITS implementation in Thailand
  • Representative of Thailand in ITS World Congress and ITS Asia Pacific

We do

  • Coordinate ITS matters among sectors (Government, Private, University, and etc.) which have interdisciplinary background (Transport, Automotive, IT, Computer, Electrical, etc.) to set the policy direction of ITS in Thailand
  • Develop and introduce some key ITS technologies in Thailand
  • Enhance know-how through Research and Development
  • Standardize ITS technologies
  • Capacity building in ITS
  • Develop a “white paper” to set the direction of ITS implementation in Thailand
  • Publish ITS Directory

ITS Thailand Mission:

  • Participate in research & development of the ITS Technology, Technology Road-map Standard and related Policy.
  • Share ITS data, information, knowledge and experience.
  • Educate and Promote ITS to the public.
  • Be a linkage among ITS Stakeholders both domestic and worldwide.
  • Be a representative of ITS organization in ITS Asia Pacific and ITS World Congress.


Honorary President : Mr. Ninnart Chaithirapinyo and Assc.Prof.Poolporn Saengbangpla

Advisory: Dr.Passakon Prathombutr, Director of Service Research and Innovation Program, NSTDA

  1.  Assc. Prof. Dr.Sorawit Narupiti, President [Associate Professor Chulalongkorn University]
  2.  Mr.Samard Doungwichitrkul, Vice President 
  3.  Dr. Apinetr Unakul, Vice President, [Thai Embedded Systems Association]
  4.  Assc.Prof.Dr.Nakorn Indrapayung, Vice President, [Burapa University]
  5.  Dr. Pattara Kiatsevi, Vice President, [General Manager, Metamedia Technology]
  6.  Mr. Chadil Tuchinda, Secretary General, [Assistant Manager,  Sustainable Mobility Planning Dept., Toyota Motor (Thailand)]
  7.  Dr. Supakorn Siddhichai Treasurer and Committee, [Senior Researcher, NECTEC]
  8.  Mr. Goragot Wongpaisarnsin, Committee, [TTET]
  9.  Mr. Vichai Jananuntakul, Committee, [Don Muang Tollway PCL.]
  10.  Mr. Namchoke Somapa, Committee, [Somapa Information Technology Co.,Ltd. (PCL)]
  11.  Dr. Saroch Boonsiripant, Committee, [Kasetsart University]
  12.  Mrs.Orapannee Yuan, Committee, [SDI Program Manager, NSTDA]
  13.  Ms.Phimphun Ovasith, Committee, [PTV]
  14.  Mr. Sarayut Settabodee, Committee, [Engineer AAPICO ITS Co., Ltd.]
  15.  Miss Sirisra Chanachaichalermwong, Committee 






Thai ITS Association
112 Moo 9 Phaholyothin Road,Klong 1,Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120 Thailand.

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จังหวัดปทุมธานี 12120

Email: info@its-thailand.org
Tel: +66 (0) 97-060-0605
Fax: +66 (0) 2564-6891